Groundwater Nitrate Pollution of an Agricultural Area in Japan: A Case Study in Shimabara Peninsula


Prof. Kei Nakagawa

Nagasaki University, Japan


Abstract: Groundwater pollution by nitrate is a common problem in many parts of the world. The agriculturally important Shimabara area in Nagasaki, Japan, is experiencing this problem. The general source of drinking water of the study area is groundwater and consequently the nitrate pollution is a significant problem. For this reason, a groundwater investigation has been performed at the residential areas (private wells), public water supply wells, springs, and rivers (surface water) since 2011. Investigation of pollution sources is indispensable for developing effective countermeasures against nitrate pollution in groundwater. Known major nitrogen sources are chemical fertilizers, livestock waste, and domestic wastewater. In this presentation, firstly, the current status of nitrate pollution will be reported. Then, our proposed method to identify these pollution sources by use of coprostanol will be introduced.

Biogrpahy: Kei Nakagawa is a Professor of Environmental Groundwater Science with 25 years of research experience. He was first appointed as an Assistant Professor in Soil Science of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry in 1999 at Kyushu University, promoted to Associate Professor in Water Use Engineering of the Department of Agricultural Engineering in 2002 at Kagoshima University. In April 2011, He was appointed as Full Professor of Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences of Nagasaki University. His main fields of research interest include reactive transport in groundwater, physical and chemical hydrogeology and heterogeneity, saltwater intrusion and performance evaluation of subsurface dam in the coastal aquifer, groundwater modeling, and remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater (phytoremediation and electro-kinetic remediation of heavy metal contaminated soils). Since being appointed at Nagasaki University in 2011, his main research topic is nitrate pollution resulting from agricultural activities.


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