Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management in Asia


Dr. Kosuke Kawai

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan


Abstract: Due to the dramatic increase in population, municipal solid waste is generated hugely in urban areas in Asian countries, and as a result most of landfill sites in the major cities have limited capacities to dispose of municipal solid waste. Waste management technologies such as composting and incineration are possible to contribute to reduce in the amount of waste disposed of at landfill sites and to solve the problems related to landfilling. However, the waste management technologies alternative to landfilling need comprehensive preparation before installing. Otherwise, the alternative systems must fail. The presenter suggests some important points to be taken into account in order to develop appropriate systems for sustainable municipal solid waste management in Asia.

Biography: Kosuke Kawai works at the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan. Starting his field studies on municipal solid waste in Vietnam in 2005 as a visiting researcher of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology, he has engaged in various research projects to propose the improvement of municipal solid waste management systems in developing countries as well as in Japan. He currently leads the new project “Sustainable systems of municipal solid waste management in depopulated and aging areas of Japan” funded by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Kyoto University, and his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Global Environmental Studies from the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University. Recent publications: Kawai K., Huong L.T.M. (2017) Key parameters for behaviour related to source separation of household organic waste: A case study in Hanoi, Vietnam. Waste Management & Research. 35: 246-252. Kawai K., Tasaki T. (2016) Revisiting estimates of municipal solid waste generation per capita and their reliability. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. 18: 1-13.

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